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New insect to patrol apple orchards

New Zealand pipfruit growers are enhancing their management options for the codling moth, one of the key pests for the pipfruit industry, with the release of a new biocontrol agent.


Lifestyle Blocks and the loss of New Zealand´s productive soils

New research shows the huge increase in ´lifestyle blocks´ across New Zealand and raises wider questions over our attitude to the slow but ongoing loss of valuable, high quality and productive land


Investment boost for apple & pear sector

The Government has announced a $21.6 million joint venture investment between Prevar and Plant and Food Research into a seven-year project to develop new apple and pear varieties to boost New Zealand's export potential.


Commercial science benefits NZ

Plant & Food researcher wins first ever MacDiarmid Award for research with the most potential for commercialisation.


$1m project to tap native plant potential

Flavours used in traditional Maori cooking – and possibly some brand-new flavours – could soon enter trendy cuisine and earn export dollars.


New food concepts research leader at Crop & Food Research

Dr Lee Huffman is the newly appointed Research Leader for Food Concepts at Crop & Food Research. Dr Huffman brings to the role her experience in developing and commercialising protein ingredients, sports nutrition beverages and snack bars and taking them to market.


Science for the future

New Zealand's future as a food exporting nation depends on producing top quality raw materials and products - backed by


Ginseng to tempt Asia market

People have been "dabbling" in ginseng in New Zealand since at least the 1970s, says Graeme Parmenter, who heads Crop & Food Research's ginseng programme.


Maori scholarship awarded

Crop & Food Research has awarded Neola Whalley a Maori Scholarship to assist the development of best practice organic farming on the East Coast.


New fruits needed to fight snack food threat

HortResearch believes new fruit varieties will play a key role in ensuring fruit remains a key part of a health, balanced diet.


New Science

New study increases health evidence for kiwifruit consumption

Plant & Food Research has found that consumption of Kiwifruit may significantly slow and reduce the uptake of sugars into the bloodstream


New projects to reduce horticultural pests

Developing new methods for controlling pests and diseases on New Zealand farms is a key focus for new Sustainable Farming Fund projects at Plant & Food Research


New potato technology presented at World Potato Congress

Potato growers in New Zealand and overseas are set to save hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to new technology developed by scientists at Plant & Food Research.


Genetic data promises new future for kiwifruit

Kiwifruit lovers can look forward to new, novel forms of their favourite fruit thanks to the release this week of crucial genetic data which fruit breeders say will help them naturally breed new varieties with increased health properties and exciting colours and flavours.


Sumptuous Summerfruit targets European market niche

A $4m dollar investment in HortResearch science hopes to open a new export market for New Zealand apricots worth $15m each year.


$7.2 research investment backs fruit's healthy image

Research into new health products made with fruit extracts, as well as studies to support development and expansion of New Zealand's global kiwifruit and apple markets are among science programmes to benefit from a multi-million dollar investment package announced this month


Top NZ Kiwifruit Scientist Honoured

HortResearch scientist Dr Ross Ferguson, renowned as a world authority on kiwifruit biology, has been made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his contribution to the kiwifruit industry.


No more free lunch for caterpillars

Crop and Food Research is seeking permission to trial caterpillar resistant cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli and forage kale.


Fruit challenges dairy for gut health


New Value

'Fresh Facts' shows export growth for New Zealand horticulture

New Zealand's horticulture sector remains a stand out success within the primary industries


How onions recognise when to bulb

Onions, the third largest vegetable crop in the world, form a bulb in response to lengthening days


Get more from your veges with vitalvegetables®.

Consumers are now able to buy vegetables with greater understanding of the healthy nutrients they contain.


Gold kiwifruit each day reduce cold symptoms

Adding gold kiwifruit to your diet may lead to less suffering from symptoms of common illnesses such as colds, research suggests.  


Broccoli and blueberries may improve gut health

Broccoli and blueberries may have positive effects for those suffering with digestive problems, new research suggests.


New pear cultivar makes commercial debut

Velvetine, a new pear bred by Plant & Food Research, will make its commercial debut this season.


Going bananas

The need to treat small volumes of fruits with a ripening gas has resulted in a breakthrough by Plant and Food scientists


Government investment recognises wine industry success

The Sauvignon Blanc Programme - the world’s most comprehensive research investigation into Sauvignon blanc grapes and wine - is set to build upon the discoveries of recent years and offer new tools to New Zealand’s wine industry thanks to $12 million of new funding.


$35.7 million investment in kiwifruit research consortium


AmaizeN tool launched

After three years of development and comprehensive in-field testing, a new crop management tool for maize grain and silage production is available.


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