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New Thinking

Scion: Pathway to biofuels through forests

Energy from forests is one of New Zealand's best options for producing its own biofuels is the conclusion of Scion's second "Bioenergy Options for New Zealand" report.


Pining for oil

Scion, the Crown Research Institute, says New Zealand’s forestry looks good as a sustainable resource for renewable fuels at US$60 per barrel. Technology and policy settings are vital.


Transport fuels from New Zealand biomass a reality

Biofuels generated from New Zealand-grown softwood feedstocks present a feasible, sustainable and environmentally beneficial energy option, say the authors of a report by the New Zealand Lignocellulosic Bioethanol Initiative.


Hydrogen-powered economy on the way?

NIWA is involved in a joint-venture project mapping out how the heavily hyped "hydrogen economy" can become a reality in NZ.


International scientists probe seafloor methane deposits

A multi-national team sets sail to investigate methane deposits beneath New Zealand's seafloor.


Biofuels fuel debate about benefits


New Science

Ethanol - fuel for the future

Early indications from a 12 month trial commissioned by the US Dept of Defence and operated by Industrial Research are that renewable ethanol could be superior to methanol as a transport fuel and in large scale fuel cells.


New Value

NZ dairy farms losing advantage over EU


Wave energy device hits the water

A new wave-energy device has been undergoing sea trials in Lyttleton Harbour, watched closely be designers from NIWA, IRL, & Power Projects Ltd.


Alternative power catches on

A small community of farmers in Manawatu is trialling what's believed to be a world first energy project that could change the way power is supplied to rural homes, and soon to those in the city.


Distributed energy project a first for rural communities

Industrial Research and Massey University


Geothermal energy to contribute more

Geothermal energy looks set to contribute more electricity to the national grid thanks to GNS Science research initiatives aimed at increasing production from New Zealand’s geothermal areas.


Lightweight generator a world first


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