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Kiwi gets prestigious Australia and NZ forensics award

Mr Wayne Chisnall (retired General Manager Forensics, ESR New Zealand) was recently presented with the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency National Institute of Forensic Science (ANZPAA NIFS) John Harber Phillips Award.


Kiwi receives prestigious Australia and NZ forensics award

Mr Wayne Chisnall (retired General Manager Forensics, ESR New Zealand) has been presented with the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency National Institute of Forensic Science (ANZPAA NIFS) John Harber Phillips Award.


Faster DNA analysis to deter criminals

New facilities will cut the amount of time it takes ESR to process DNA evidence from 28 days to five.


Illicit drug tests

ESR tests on new illicit drugs reveals dangerous cocktails



ESR provides independent impartial forensic science expertise to support the New Zealand justice system, but is it like CSI?


Alcohol number one date rape drug

A six-year study by ESR toxicologists found that alcohol is the number one drug associated with drug facilitated sexual assaults.


'Time out' key to forensic progress

Forensic scientists need to be freed up from solving crimes so they can research how their talents can best be used to fight crime, an ESR research leader says.


NZ prepares for faster action against global disease

Pandemic? Biosecurity? Bioterrorism? Potential threats all. Since 9/11 and SARS the world has taken big steps in proactive surveillance. But like all nations, perhaps the biggest challenge NZ faces is to bring the barrage of facts together, into a single – relevant - information source. Crown Research Institute ESR reckons it’s cracked the problem.


New Science

Making the invisible visible

A dramatic DNA advance, using new techniques partly developed by ESR, has the potential to solve crimes when there is no apparent evidence.


Could your DNA lead to disease?

How far can scientists dip into your genetic makeup to identify the risk of diabetes, heart disease, mental illness and other complex diseases? “Further than ever,” says ESR. The Crown Research Institute is using latest technology to work out exactly what DNA can forecast and explain – and the results are much more than microscopic.


Just how much is in your genes?

The battle against diabetes, heart disease and mental illness is taking a powerful new turn – into the microscopic. Crown Research Institute ESR is utilizing new technology to help identify the genetic markers involved in these and other complex diseases. Known as a ‘genome chip’, the technology makes it possible to scan someone’s entire genome in a single test.


DNA profiling - another NZ leap into the microscopic

Welcome to the future of crime solving. Crown Research Institute ESR has led the way in developing LCN (low copy number) DNA technology - ten times more sensitive than past DNA procedures. Forensic scientists will be able to lift a DNA profile from skin cells left on a keyboard.


NZ team develops enzyme to test DNA at crime scene

By using the enzyme forensicGEM TM, DNA could soon be extracted from crime scene samples – and tested on the spot. Crown Research Institute ESR is collaborating with ZyGEM in the development of the enzyme.


New Value

Software takes jury to crime scene

Jurors will now be able to take a virtual walk through a murder scene, with the creation of interactive software by Kiwi scientists.

The technology had its debut at the High Court trial in February for the man accused of killing Rotorua's Ruakawa Newton. It was the first time the "virtual tour" software had been used to support

(Photo) ESR forensic scientists collect photographic evidence for the new software, which will help juries visualise crime scenes.


ESR ready for additional DNA work

ESR is ready to process additional DNA samples per year as a result of legislative changes which came into force in September.


Caught on very fast camera - Blood pattern analysis

Taking digital photographs at a millionth of a second, Environmental Science and Research forensic scientist Michael Taylor has created unprecedented images of the way blood moves when struck.


Collaboration on forensic kits

ESR and Zygem Corp ltd are collaborating to accelerate development


DNA solves more burglaries

Preliminary research undertaken by ESR shows New Zealand Police are clearing close to 100% of burglary cases where DNA crime scene evidence is processed, but samples are only submitted from 2% of burglaries.


Scientists hot on felons' DNA trail

"Staggering" advances in DNA testing will make it impossible for a criminal to strike without being detected, a top ESR scientist says.


Detecting drugs through hair analysis

ESR's toxicology laboratories are increasingly undertaking hair analysis to determine methamphetamine use.


Forensic Science tracks killer

Smart forensic work led police quickly to a suspect and helped secure a guilty plea in the murder of school teacher Lois Dear.


Shoeprint Database Helps Crime Investigation

“A burglar's 'lucky shoes' may no longer be so lucky, thanks to a new National Shoeprint Database being piloted by ESR and the New Zealand Police. The project will provide a new tool to help link suspects with crime scenes.


Recruiting the tiniest crime fighters

Knowing whether DNA samples come from hair, mouth, vagina or other parts of the body can greatly help crime-scene investigations. Thanks to 25-year-old Claire French of Crown Research Institute ESR, now we can know – and helped her gain the title New Zealand’s Young Scientist of the Year, 2006.


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