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New Thinking

A new look at virtual real estate

A researcher from Rotorua Crown Research Institute, Scion, has completed a study on the modern home buyer to discover how web-surfing is affecting the real estate market.


New Science

Shining a light on diabetes

Smart thinking by IRL about how to apply cutting-edge knowledge of laser light scattering to high-value industries is leading to the development of new devices for the medical industry.


New wireless network established

Those bulky cables and wires behind your PC and your television are one step closer to being a thing of the past with the Industrial Research-led establishment of a new wireless research network...


New Value

Eyes on the road

Science is more practical than simply applied mathematics and arcane formulae, as Coastline Markers Ltd discovered when they called in IRL to solve a particularly sticky problem – finding a new way to make reflective catseyes adhere to the road.


Predicting success with NIWA supercomputer

Kiwis will have better warnings of floods, droughts and storms now a new supercomputer has been switched on – but don't expect the daily weather forecast to improve.


The sound of science

A lifelong obsession with guitar playing, sound reproduction and acoustics led IRL scientist Dr Mark Poletti to develop a system that can transform a venue with less-than-perfect acoustics into a world-class concert hall.


Kiwi passports put to the test

Few New Zealand travellers sporting their newly redesigned e-passports will give a thought to the rigorous testing regime that these documents have undergone at IRL before they could be released to the public.


The company we keep

A personification of the industry-first ethos IRL has cultivated over the past few years, Paul Harris has had a significant impact on several New Zealand industries.


Cup of tea could power an export winner

A few years back, a group of scientists were discussing a head-teaser over a cup of tea in the staff cafeteria. They jotted down their thinking on a brown paper bag. Those tea-fuelled scribbles led to Crown Research Institute IRL working on a revolutionary portable power generator. It’s ideal for civil emergencies and it could soon become another export winner for New Zealand.


Superconductor generator could power NZ exports

A unique emergency generator, founded on local RS&T, could offer a major export opportunity for New Zealand manufacturers. Using high-temperature superconductors, the generator will power around 2500 homes – and still be transportable by plane, helicopter or truck. It’s under development in a joint venture involving Crown Research Institute, IRL.


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