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What is RSS?

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a useful tool for keeping updated on Science New Zealand news. (See related Wikipedia article). RSS feeds allow you to get updates when new articles are published. RSS feeds are used daily by people who appreciate up-to-the-minute news and reports, and the time saved reading only those updates that interest them

How to receive RSS Feeds?

In order to receive RSS feeds, you must have an aggregator or feed reader. There are a number of aggregators online, many of them free. (See the related Wikipedia article)

How to receive Science New Zealand feeds?

To add one or several Science New Zealand feeds to your aggregator, you copy and paste the URL of the feed into the program. Follow the instructions of your aggregator. If you ever decide that you don't want to receive updates anymore, you simply delete the feed or URL from your aggregator.

Crown Research Institutes

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  • Plant and Food Research logo.
  • ESR logo. GNS Science logo.
  • Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua logo.
  • NIWA logo.
  • SCION logo.

Crown Agent

  • Callaghan Innovation logo.

Subsidiaries, associates, joint ventures

  • farmax
  • Biopolymer Network
  • EnCoate
  • Prevar
  • PhytaGro, Inc
  • EcoGene
  • BioPacific Ventures
  • Clone International
  • Grasslands Innovation
  • Enviro-Mark Solutions
  • National Land Resource Centre (NLRC)
  • Atlastech
  • Virtual Institute of Statistical Genetics
  • grasslanz
  • VARNZ Ltd
  • Veritec