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Volcano collapse underlines threat of tsunami

NIWA scientists have found that a volcanic cone on Rumble III, 200km northeast of Auckland, has crumbled. Marine geologist Richard Wysoczanski said there's no doubt some of these slips can cause tsunami.


Volcanic paralysis is possible here, says GNS

New Zealand volcanologists are warning "volcanic paralysis" such as that which has hit Iceland could strike here.


NZ scientist eyes 'super-volcano'

A GNS Science geologist is worried another "super-volcano" is being created under Mount St Helens in the US.


Scientists find evidence of a recent undersea eruption

Scientists have returned from exploring three submarine volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc where they found evidence of a recent large eruption at one of the volcanoes.


Scholarship winner probes Central North Island

Volcanoes and active faults in the central North Island will be the focus for the next three years for PhD student Hannu Seebeck.


'Unusual unrest' on Ruapehu

Crater lake temperatures and gas on Mt Ruapehu remain stubbornly high, nine months after its last eruption, GNS Science says.


Volcano risk must be stressed, says scientist

Despite massive media coverage and a climber losing his leg, only a half of Ruapehu's visitors are aware of the mountain's eruption last year, a survey has found.


Scientists call for earthquake forecasting centre

Some of New Zealand’s top scientists and their overseas counterparts are pushing for the establishment of an earthquake and volcano forecasting centre.


New Science

Volcanic ash impacts more frequent in Auckland scientists find

Scientists have identified 29 previously unknown volcanic ash layers while drilling into ancient eruption craters in Auckland.


Expedition to seabed volcanoes

Scientists from GNS Science and the United States will in March spend two weeks investigating three active submarine volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc, northeast of New Zealand.


Geologists find new volcano in Auckland


Robotic Vehicles To Explore Offshore Volcano

In a project led by GNS Science, unmanned vehicles will fly into the crater of an offshore volcano to map it and search for possible mineral deposits.


'Dam-cam' films Crater Lake outburst

A camera installed by GNS Science near the summit of Ruapehu has captured the moment when the wall of tephra that had been holding back the Crater Lake failed, triggering the recent spectacular lahar.


Lahar researchers flooded with information

Researchers from GNS Science and Massey University have spent the last three days gathering a flood of data about Sunday’s spectacular lahar as part of a $1 million research programme to gather maximum scientific value from the event.


Lahar vigilance

Researchers from GNS Science and Massey University’s Volcanic Risk Solutions installed a set of lahar-measuring equipment on Mount Ruapehu this week.


She's gonna blow - but not for a while!


New Value

Exploring NZ's Undersea Treasures

Modern-day explorers use high-tech equipment to explore earth's last great frontier - the ocean floor. Join GNS Science's Cornel de Ronde in this fascinating Australian TV documentary as he explains the discovery of huge submarine volcanoes, weird marine creatures, and large mineral deposits on New Zealand's seafloor.


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