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Science New Zealand

Welcome to Science New Zealand. It represents the seven Crown Research Institutes: the power of 3,600 people advancing ideas and delivering results for New Zealand through excellent science and technology.

Last year, government, business, sectors and communities invested $636 million with the Crown Research Institutes.

From environment to trade, agriculture to manufacturing, in niche technologies and with leading edge science, the Crown Research Institutes identify, respond to and solve science-based challenges affecting our lives today and tomorrow.

Throughout New Zealand and across the globe, their ideas, insights and connections are shaping new thinking and practical action.

Discover their stories, the results and the possibilities. The snippets click to external sites. We try to keep links current for 90 days.

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ScienceNZ - The Value of Science Discovery

New Value

New coating increases paperboard packaging life

Ensuring products reach the consumer in the best possible shape is an ongoing challenge for the chilled goods supply chain, where paperboard packaging is constantly exposed to fluctuating humidity, causing it to absorb moisture and eventually fail. This results in costly product losses.


Oiling the supply chain wheels

Shaping supply chains into value chains is something Dr Carel Bezuidenhout and his team excel in.


The human factor of forest safety

Human factors scientist Brionny Hooper helps individuals perform to the best of their ability while compensating for their natural limitations.


Online tool tackles worst of NZ pasture pests and weeds

The AgPest website is a feature of the AgResearch display in the Mystery Creek Pavilion at this year's National Agricultural Fieldays.


Improving community resilience to wildfire

The recent spate of wild fires in the South Island is evidence that the current fire season is one of the worst in recent years.


Science students learn on the job

3 University students spending their summer working in laboratories and rubbing shoulders with scientists in Palmerston North are part of 28 sponsored students working for Plant & Food Research this summer


Building community awareness of fire risks

Scion’s Rural Fire Research Team has been running hot this past year with the fire research programme again receiving Gold status in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) annual reporting round, one of only 18 awards over 250 contracts.


2014 Briefing to Incoming Ministers

The 2014 Briefing to Incoming Ministers by Science New Zealand provides an overview of the role and purpose of CRIs within the New Zealand science and innovation eco-system.  CRIs are two-thirds of the nation's publically-funded science researchers (excluding health and ICT areas); and where businesses choose to spend $3 of every $4 on RS&T they commission externally.  There has been significant progress since the 2010 CRI Taskforce.  The BIM proposes key issues for Ministerial leadership, as CRIs focus on advancing ideas and delivering results that benefit New Zealand


Greater flexibility for quarantine treatments

Some of the tight scheduling pressures around log exports for ports and log marshalling companies have been eased, thanks to Scion’s forest protection scientists.


New Thinking

Scion/VITO collaboration – from lignin to bioproducts

A unique collaborative effort is getting under way between Scion in New Zealand and VITO in Belgium to accelerate the development of functional bio-aromatic chemicals from lignin. This is part of a joint strategy by both organisations to accelerate innovation through adaption and co-invention of technology and by assembling world-leading teams.


Aerial robotics add new dynamic to forestry

Aerial imagery, near infrared detection and aerial robotics sound like they belong in a military operation, however these advanced technologies are set to change the dynamics of forest


New Science

Advanced technologies expand our knowledge of spray deposition

Turbulence created by the ‘roughness’ of the forest canopy top is an important factor in calculating aerial spray deposition.


Meet Scion's post-doctoral research fellows

Drs Alex Hennebry, Wajid Waheed and Juan Rodriquez Gamir are currently undertaking post-doctoral research at Scion. For both Wajid and Juan, this has meant having to make huge changes in their lives, and relocating to New Zealand.


City lights, bright nights

The world is more brightly lit now than ever before, spilling light pollution out into the night skies, with the glows on the horizon becoming progressively whiter and brighter.


Balleny Islands humpback research

The New Zealand-Australia Antarctic ecosystems voyage has successful completed research at the Balleny Islands, a 160km island chain in the northern Ross Sea


Setting standards for a safer environment

Without standards our lives would be chaotic. Developing and revising standards is a continual process at Scion as new technologies and products become available, with many of our scientists actively engaged in national and international standards committees for such things as wood preservatives, biodegradability, packaging, freshwater and biosecurity measures.


Mobile scanner game changer for forestry management

A small, lightweight mobile laser scanning device is proving a boon for forestry resource management.


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