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Science New Zealand

Welcome to Science New Zealand. It represents the seven Crown Research Institutes: the power of 3,600 people advancing ideas and delivering results for New Zealand through excellent science and technology.

Last year, government, business, sectors and communities invested $636 million with the Crown Research Institutes.

From environment to trade, agriculture to manufacturing, in niche technologies and with leading edge science, the Crown Research Institutes identify, respond to and solve science-based challenges affecting our lives today and tomorrow.

Throughout New Zealand and across the globe, their ideas, insights and connections are shaping new thinking and practical action.

Discover their stories, the results and the possibilities. The snippets click to external sites. We try to keep links current for 90 days.

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ScienceNZ - The Value of Science Discovery

New Value

How do we value forest ecosystem services?

New Zealand’s green image is an integral part of our identity, adding value to both our exports and tourism. Our forests contribute to this image by providing a range of ecosystem services such as habitat, water quality, carbon sequestration, erosion prevention and recreation, the value of which is not well established.


Packaging – more than meets the eye

Scion’s WHITE room can test up to 25 corrugated boxes under accelerated conditions.


Manuka as a tree crop

Kiwis have grown up with mānuka honey and tea tree oil but these humble household items are fast becoming a multi-million dollar forest industry for New Zealand.


New Vision Mātauranga projects for GNS Science

GNS Science has been awarded funding to focus on Aotea, a rare rock containing the blue mineral kyanite


Earth science showcase set for Te Papa in mid-July

Hunting for dinosaur remains, learning about pounamu occurrence in the South Island, and looking after groundwater and geothermal resources will be among the earth science topics discussed at a day-long seminar at Te Papa on 14 July


NIWA will assess the potential of large brown seaweeds

NIWA is seeking citizen scientists to help it document large brown seaweeds in New Zealand as indicators of environmental change


Unlocking Curious Minds contestable fund

GNS Science has won a total of $127,000 for three projects in the 2016 round of the government's Unlocking Curious Minds contestable fund


Research to set NZ sheep milk apart

New Zealand's sheep milk industry is set to benefit from ground breaking research by AgResearch


Our Land and Water National Science Challenge launched

Enhancing New Zealand's primary sector economic contributions while improving our environment is the aim of the newest National Science Challenge


Building the health capabilities of berries

Science and business strategies for developing the health-promoting benefits of berry fruits


'Fresh Facts' shows export growth for New Zealand horticulture

New Zealand's horticulture sector remains a stand out success within the primary industries


New Thinking

Containing the spread of hitchhiking pests

The past 50 or so years has seen a dramatic change in the volume, and mode, of international trade. Not only has the volume escalated substantially, but around 90% of it is carried by sea, mostly in containers.


Fuelling a greener economy

A report released recently by the Royal Society of New Zealand calls on New Zealanders to take action against rising greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to curb global warming. New Zealand’s emissions are well above average for developed countries, and steadily rising.


New Zealand reaches climate change milestone

NIWA atmospheric researchers run a Clean Air Monitoring Station at Baring Head and have been closely watching the carbon dioxide readings as they edged towards a significant threshold


Urgent need for a global strategy on forest health

A review of global biosecurity undertaken by Scion Principal Scientist Dr Eckehard (Ecki) Brockerhoff and colleagues from the University of Pretoria highlights the urgent need for a global biosecurity strategy for planted forests.


New Science

Enhancing forest productivity with soil sciences

Our ability to understand and manage the links between soil properties and forest productivity is being expanded by the “Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future” (GCFF) programme.


Scientists to record marine mammals for first time in New Zealand

The sounds made by whales and dolphins as they pass through New Zealand's Cook Strait are to be recorded for the first time


New study increases health evidence for kiwifruit consumption

Plant & Food Research has found that consumption of Kiwifruit may significantly slow and reduce the uptake of sugars into the bloodstream


Fund is catalyst for international collaborations

An exploratory visit to Europe last year by scientists in our Manufacturing and Bioproducts Group is already paying dividends for at least two scientists.


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