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New Thinking

Molecular motors drive energy technologies

Scion may, at first glance, seem an unlikely place to house a team of theoretical physicists.


AgResearch considers alternatives to Ruakura

AgResearch is likely to need new containment sites for its GM research activities as the existing Ruakura site becomes less suitable in the years ahead.


AgResearch welcomes ERMA approval for continued transgenic research

AgResearch has welcomed the Environmental and Risk Management Authority (ERMA) approval of its application to continue existing transgenic research on ruminant animals.


Advancing a bio-based economy

Showcasing New Zealand’s life sciences sector, NZBIO 2010 provides a perfect forum to explore new business opportunities across the bio economy. Registrations now open.


New animal health company underway

ParaCo Technologies Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of AgResearch Limited, has signed agreements with a number of research groups giving it exclusive animal health screening rights for a number of potentially active biological molecules.


AgResearch application to ERMA to permit GM ruminant research

AgResearch has submitted a limited application to ERMA for specific research using genetically modified goats, sheep and cattle in containment.


Hungry bugs eat GHG nasties

Landcare Research trialling practical way to radically cut New Zealand's methane emissions.


GM research could head offshore

New Zealand will get faster benefit if field trials of GM forages done in New Zealand.


Biotech still critical to NZ

AgResearch chief scientist Stephen Goldson says nanotechnology could confer massive benefit to New Zealand’s biological based industries by contributing technologies.


Genetic scientists boost knowledge economy

A new collaborative research programme led by scientists at Crown Research Institute Scion could impact everything from the food we eat, to the things we make, and the medical diagnoses we undergo, by better managing genetic information.


New Science

Fund is catalyst for international collaborations

An exploratory visit to Europe last year by scientists in our Manufacturing and Bioproducts Group is already paying dividends for at least two scientists.


Wood gets medical attention

Using medical scanners, scientists at Rotorua-based Crown Research Institute Scion have been able to peer inside blocks of wood.


Putting the acid on wood

Acid produced from a chilli-dwelling bacteria may sound like nasty stuff but it could provide a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives used to treat wood.


Unravelling the secrets of strawberry

Scientists from 38 organisations in ten countries, including scientists at Plant & Food Research, have collaborated to publish the complete DNA sequence of woodland strawberry.


Big Apple ripe for picking

IRL is expanding its US presence to boost a partnership that has already created a pipeline of promising drug treatments for a range of debilitating illnesses.


Finding the key to Mendel's pea flowers

Plant & Food Research scientists have helped discover the key to one of biology’s most well-known experiments


Apple genome reveals unexpected results

Analysis of the complete DNA sequence of apple suggests that a major step in evolution of the fruit was caused by a catastrophic environmental event, possibly the same one that killed the dinosaurs.


GE discovery promises higher farm productivity and improved environment

AgResearch scientists and the team from subsidiary company, Grasslanz Technology Ltd, believe they can improve white clover (Trifolium repens) to give grazing animals a higher intake of protein, while at the same time reducing methane emissions.


Carbo loading

The expertise of the world-class chemists at IRL at manipulating the biochemistry of one of the most common biological building blocks is proving key to forging a globally competitive pharmaceuticals industry.


World first in bio-crude oil

NIWA’s scientific expertise on advanced wastewater treatment used in world’s largest wastewater algae to bio-crude oil demonstration puts CO2 to good use.


New Value

Innovative technology piloted at Rotorua

The Minister for the Environment Hon Dr Nick Smith has opened a pilot plant that will test an innovative process that converts biosolid waste into valuable chemical products.


'Magic' process turns kiwifruit into gold

Scion researchers have cracked what seems like modern-day alchemy, transforming one kiwifruit into 100 plastic spoons and Rotorua's sewage into electricity.


ArborGen Renews Agreement with Scion

ArborGen, LLC and New Zealand Crown Research Institute Scion have agreed to extend their multi-million dollar partnership in gene discovery and molecular breeding for forest trees.


Rotorua District Council looks to gain value from biosolids

Rotorua District Council (RDC) and Crown Research Institute, Scion, are joining forces to demonstrate a new approach to the management of organic wastes.


X-ray crystallography in the spotlight

Radio New Zealand's Ruth Beran goes to Massey University to meet Geoff Jameson and IRL’s Graeme Gainsford who explain what x-ray diffraction and crystallography is, how it’s done, and what it can be used to measure.


IRL scientist wins major NZBIO award

IRL's Andreas Luxenburger was named 2009 NZBIO Young Biotechnologist of the Year at the 5th annual NZBIO Conference Awards.


Open Day at Scion

Crown Research Institute Scion is once again opening its doors on 21 March to treat the public to a fun, free open day full of science experiments, displays and tours.


New Centre for Reproduction and Genomics opens


Scanning microscopy solves vaccine problem

After a rocky start in life, the most famous fawn of all time, Walt Disney’s Bambi, survived to mature and reproduce. Industrial Research is making sure his descendants are just as fortunate...


New Zealand research expertise sought at international renewable energy conference

Dr Tom Richardson, chief executive of Crown Research Institute Scion, is this week presenting New Zealand research into the role of forestry in producing renewable energy, at the U.S. Government hosted Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC 2008).


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