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New Thinking

Cultural Heritage Visualisation - Te Rererunga

ESR has worked in partnership with Ngāti Rangitihi and Blue Cube Consulting to create a prototype Cultural Heritage Visualisation platform as a 3D record of marae


Forestry research partnership to build high-value wood exports

Scion’s support to industry’s diverse species programme has been boosted by Government investment of $5 million over the next seven years in a research partnership to create high-performance speciality wood products from trees other than radiata pine.


Scion/VITO collaboration – from lignin to bioproducts

A unique collaborative effort is getting under way between Scion in New Zealand and VITO in Belgium to accelerate the development of functional bio-aromatic chemicals from lignin. This is part of a joint strategy by both organisations to accelerate innovation through adaption and co-invention of technology and by assembling world-leading teams.


Eureka Awards

Science New Zealand again sponsored the national awards.  Three winners emerged, with the grand prize going to Evan Brenton-Rule of VUW.


CRI and University to collaborate on postgraduate teaching and research

Victoria University and GNS Science have signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to work towards a relationship whereby GNS Science staff are directly involved in the University’s postgraduate earth sciences programme.


Collaboration will deliver Government's Centre for Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research

The Government’s Centre for Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research will bring together the world-class expertise and experience of the nine organisations involved, says host provider AgResearch.


Funding for joint science projects announced

A funding boost of $500,000 to support several new joint science research projects between AgResearch and the University of Otago was announced on 23rd July, demonstrating the strong spirit of cooperation between both leading research organisations.


Collaboration between AgResearch and Liggins

In a move to optimise the nutritional and health-giving qualities of foods from pastoral-based sources for human consumption, AgResearch has put the official seal on a collaboration with The University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute.


Bringing science and art together at Te Papa

The best photographs of last year’s New Zealand Schools Photographic Competition are on display at Te Papa.


NZ food research goes global

A consortium of food research and development organisations plans to establish an international brand to market New Zealand expertise to the world.


New Science

New contracts for CRIs on their 25th anniversary

Minister Goldsmith announces $1.2bn investment over 7 years in SSIF funding for CRIs. Critical strategic science activity for our economy, environment and wellbeing.


AgResearch and BGI Developments to commercialise revolutionary dyeing process

A revolutionary new dyeing process developed by AgResearch that allows wool fabrics to be dyed vibrant colours is about to be commercialised


Unique science collaboration in agri-food research

In a collaboration of unparalleled scientific expertise in New Zealand, AgResearch and the University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute are seeking to discover how nutrients in food affect animals and humans to improve body composition.


From Waste to Gold

Crown Research Institute Scion is aiming to help Rotorua District Council save their taxpayers $650,000 a year by turning the city's sewage sludge into useful chemicals.


Scientists to probe mysterious demise of Easter Islanders

A New Zealand-led group of scientists plans to use sophisticated analytical techniques to try and solve the mystery of the sudden collapse of the population on Easter Island in pre-European times.


Coloured kiwifruit just the start

Kiwifruit lovers will be like kids in a chinese gooseberry store as DNA research is released for breeding fruit with new colours, flavours and health properties.


Doom for Algal Bloom?

An innovative solution to a billion-dollar problem has been successfully trialled by Scion. A modified form of zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral, looks set to be a new tool in the campaign to mitigate the effects of nutrient run-off in New Zealand's lakes and waterways.


Possum field trials a success

A new threat to possums is on the horizon, with the successful release of genetically marked parasites in a field trial at Kahurangi National Park at the top of the South Island.


Promising therapy for heart attack victims

Scientists have discovered a treatment that dramatically reduces damage to the heart following a heart attack.


Improving border biosecurity

AgResearch scientists are studying tussock in an effort to improve border biosecurity.


New Value

Assessing clonal tree performance in Māori-owned forests

The forests of Lake Taupō and Lake Rotoaira are unique. Having started as joint ventures with government, the second rotation stands, which are now approaching maturity, are all Maori-owned and governed by the Lake Taupō and Lake Rotoaira Forest Trusts (the trusts).


Intergenerational land management solutions

“Kia mau ki te whenua, hei oranga mo te iwi” – “Hold onto the land as sustenance for our people”, is the vision statement of Rotomā No. 1 Incorporation (Rotomā). The incorporation manages over 1,200 hectares of forest surrounding Lake Rotomā on behalf of more than 2,000 shareholders that whakapapa (have family connections) to it.


Healthy land, healthy rivers, healthy people

A unique Memorandum of Understanding signed last year between the Ministry for Primary Industries, Te Runanga o Ngāti Porou (TRONPnui) and Gisborne District Council (GDC) has marked the beginning of a long journey to restore the health of the Waiapu Catchment. The catchment, situated on New Zealand’s East Coast, is struggling to overcome years of landscape degradation, poverty and climate change, compromising the ability of local people to revitalise their existing way of life.


Oiling the supply chain wheels

Shaping supply chains into value chains is something Dr Carel Bezuidenhout and his team excel in.


Antarctic Environments Portal

Antarctica is under increasing pressure from human activity and climate change. To make science about this unique region more accessible - especially to policy makers - Landcare Research and Antarctica New Zealand have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of an innovative web portal


IRL and Unitec collaborate to bolster high-tech workforce

A closer working relationship between Industrial Research Ltd and Unitec aims to deliver more and better work-ready high-tech workers to New Zealand industry.


Sweet success in hunt for honey's healing factor

Comvita, the New Zealand-based global exporter of natural health and beauty products, and collaborators have identified key compounds in honey that stimulate the immune system, paving the way for a range of new wound-healing products.


Dynamic duo

A collaboration between IRL and itsTaiwanese counterpart, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), has resulted in the joint development of a unique product that is nearing market entry.


Collaborating with China on Food Safety

ESR and the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA) are collaborating on food safety research..


New alliance boosts Antarctic and climate research

The number of New Zealand organisations comprising the Joint Antarctic Research Institute has risen to three with Crown Research Institute NIWA joining Victoria University and GNS Science in the alliance.


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