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Meat and three veg diet may offer more than first thought

A new study from Plant & Food Research may offer hope to those who love red meat but worry about the effect it may have on their gut,


Pest management programme results in increased exports

A research programme to reduce the use of chemical pesticides on apple orchards has benefited New Zealand’s pipfruit industry by as much as $113 million in export earnings.


Eat less, feel full? It's food for thought

New Zealand scientists are trying to capture the 'full' feeling in an effort to stop us overeating routinely.


Investment boost for apple & pear sector

The Government has announced a $21.6 million joint venture investment between Prevar and Plant and Food Research into a seven-year project to develop new apple and pear varieties to boost New Zealand's export potential.


Commercial science benefits NZ

Plant & Food researcher wins first ever MacDiarmid Award for research with the most potential for commercialisation.


PM launches food innovation initiative

Prime Minister John Key has launched the Food Innovation New Zealand (FINZ), a collaboration between Massey University, AgResearch, Plant & Food Research, Fonterra, the Bio Commerce centre and the Riddet Institute. Listen to radio item.


New Acting General Manager for AgResearch Food and Textiles Group

Providing leadership for AgResearch’s substantial capability and capacity in food and textiles research and development will be the focus for the new Acting General Manager Professor Warren McNabb.


Developing 'smart foods'

AgResearch scientists are investigating so-called ‘smart foods’ to help create value-added opportunities for New Zealand’s dairy and meat industries.


Seafood Processing and Preservation Workshop

The 5th Annual Seafood Processing and Preservation Workshop is to be held at Plant & Food Research in Auckland on 1 April 2009.


Understanding science for smart snack choices

Nine and ten year-olds in Hamilton discovered how to match their activity levels with snack choices as part of a biotech learning experience.


New Science

Developing plant derived foods to keep us feeling full

Discovering how plant foods reduce appetite and keep people feeling fuller for longer is a new Plant & Food Research programme receiving investment from New Zealand food companies and government.


To chew or not to chew?

It turns out the age-old advice to properly chew your food is not always best for your health. Plant & Food Research scientists have been discovering what foods make us feel satisfied and how best to eat them.


New research helps NZ vineyards

Wine growers in Marlborough are now embracing a new technique developed at Plant and Food Research that has the potential to save them millions of dollars.


New test can tell organic eggs apart

A New Zealand researcher has developed a scientific technique to identify the difference between eggs from caged hens and those from free-range and organically raised hens.


Get ready for red kiwifruit

Plant and Food Research and Zespri are developing a red- centered kiwifruit that suits New Zealand conditions and can be exported.


Antioxidant lycopene not released during digestion.

Eating a raw tomato may not be the best way to release all its healthy antioxidants into the body.


New potato technology presented at World Potato Congress

Potato growers in New Zealand and overseas are set to save hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to new technology developed by scientists at Plant & Food Research.


Baby snapper all grew up in one big nursery

NIWA scientists have discovered that nearly all snapper on the west coast of the North Island come from nurseries in just one harbour. To play Radio NZ programme from 5 March 2009 click here.


Coloured kiwifruit just the start

Kiwifruit lovers will be like kids in a chinese gooseberry store as DNA research is released for breeding fruit with new colours, flavours and health properties.


International wine genomics project launched

HortResearch has joined researchers from NZ and Canada in a $6.5m programme that will investigate


New Value

Fresh Facts - annual horticultural statistics booklet

The annual horticultural statistics booklet, Fresh Facts is out now. Horticultural products now generate $5.1 billion in export revenues. Copies of the booklet series, dating back to 1999, as well as the new Fresh Facts app are available.


Building the health capabilities of berries

Science and business strategies for developing the health-promoting benefits of berry fruits


How Science Binds us to China

By working together New Zealand and Chinese scientists have enriched both countries' economies through advancements ranging from plant genetics, food security and safety, to stronger and better environmental practices


Science students learn on the job

3 University students spending their summer working in laboratories and rubbing shoulders with scientists in Palmerston North are part of 28 sponsored students working for Plant & Food Research this summer


An apple a day to keep inflammation away?

New research suggests that apples may be good for the millions of people worldwide suffering from inflammatory diseases


Blueberries hasten muscle recovery

Study has found athletes who eat blueberries recover faster from exercise


Going bananas

The need to treat small volumes of fruits with a ripening gas has resulted in a breakthrough by Plant and Food scientists


New hop strains lend distinction to craft beers

New hops strains developed at Plant & Food Research's Motueka research centre are lending distinction to craft beers in the United States, Europe and emerging Asian markets.


International forum strengthens commercial prospects for NZ marine lipids

International experts gathered in Wellington recently as part of a new collaboration between Industrial Research Limited (IRL) and world-leading Japanese researchers to enable a path to market for high-value New Zealand ingredients for functional foods.


Government investment recognises wine industry success

The Sauvignon Blanc Programme - the world’s most comprehensive research investigation into Sauvignon blanc grapes and wine - is set to build upon the discoveries of recent years and offer new tools to New Zealand’s wine industry thanks to $12 million of new funding.


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