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New Thinking

Report finds little risk to infants

A report released by the ESR has found that exposure to PBDEs used in the upholstery of car seats as a flame retardant, is unlikely to cause adverse health effects in infants and toddlers


NZ flu study findings

Influenza viruses put more people in hospital than was previously thought


The Singing Scientist's new song

Dr Matthew Barnett, Senior Scientist in AgResearch’s Agri-Foods & Health Section who featured on TV and radio last year with his Epigenome Song, has written a second song based on his scientific work, this time about fibre. Click here to view YouTube track.


CRI scientists turn to porridge and weeds for sustainable natural beauty products

If you want to have better, healthier skin, chances are in future you’ll be buying a product derived from the main ingredient for your porridge (oats), or an ancient grain-cum-purple weed called amaranth.


Prime Minister talks of value of relationship with Australia for science

Prime Minister John Key’s speech recognised the success of the Vital Vegetables


Testing time cut as sample numbers rise

ESR's National Influenza Centre has cut its testing time of influenza samples to less than eight hours despite processing the highest daily number of samples in its history….


The Future of Rongoa Maori

New research reports investigate the current status of traditional Maori healing and the challenges of integrating rongoa Maori with mainstream healthcare.


AgResearch biotech work to have health focus

The country's largest science company is entering the business of human health and medicine.


NZ research leading to better foods, health

A collaboration between international quality researchers at AgResearch and the Liggins Institute has the potential to bring about major improvements in agriculture, such as lamb growth, disease resistance and milk production, and human health.


ESR's National Influenza Centre goes robotic

New robotic equipment at ESR's National Influenza Centre Laboratory has significantly increased capacity to analyse flu specimens


New Science

IRL scientists honoured for innovation with impact

At last night’s 2012 New Zealand Research Awards, three IRL scientists were honoured with the award of the research community’s most coveted medals. 


ESR-led research team wins international tender to hunt the flu virus

A group of world-leading scientists and flu researchers, led by ESR, has beaten out international competition to be awarded a five-year, multi-million dollar contract to study influenza in an effort to better understand the burden of the virus and how to prevent its spread around the world.


New Zealand study shows flu co-infection

ESR research has shown that for people who get both seasonal A(H1N1) and pandemic flu (H1N1) flu at the same time, the results are more than just feeling very ill.


Wool protein wound dressings win AgResearch scientist prestigious award

On 24 August AgResearch’s Dr Azam Ali won the prestigious 2010 Bayer Innovators Award in the Science and Health category.


No gout about it

A potential treatment for gout co-invented by IRL is showing promising results in human trials being conducted in the US.


New device helps assess personal sunshine exposure

A New Zealand engineer working in conjunction with NIWA has invented a "cutting-edge" device to calculate just how much sunshine we need to stay healthy.


Asthma sufferers get help from blackcurrants

Plant & Food Research scientists have isolated a compound in blackcurrants which has the potential to help the lungs fight inflammation


Mood Foods

New study explores the stress triggers experienced by middle-class working mothers with young children, the strategies used to cope with stress and receptiveness to using mood foods with stress-relief properties.


NZ scientific breakthrough: Heart rate regulator

AgResearch scientists, working with Victoria University and a scientist in the USA, have discovered that calcium-activated-potassium ion channels, present in only small amounts in the heart, have a significant role in modulating heart rate.


NZ drug may offer relief from gout

IRL scientists are working on a new medicine they say may provide relief for millions of people who suffer crippling pain from gout.


New Value

Environmental radiation monitoring in Hong Kong

Proton beams are used for cancer treatment like traditional irradiation facilities. Their advantage is that they can be focused with greater accuracy and therefore cause less side effects for patients


Novel approach wins research funding

Engineered water systems including plumbing, drinking-water, water tanks, spas and cooling towers, are known to harbour Legionella pneumophila which can cause severe pneumonia (5 –30% death rate)


Real-Time Identification of Designer Drugs

With internet access widening the scope of drug sources, a new threat has emerged over recent years with the introduction of designer drugs


Top scoring technology taps healing power of play

A computer game-based arm rehabilitation device developed by IRL has won first prize in the prototype category of the 2010 Engineers Australia, College of Biomedical Engineering Better Technology Awards.


Virtual vermin

Millions of stroke survivors worldwide could benefit from technology IRL has developed that uses virtual reality and assistive devices to speed up the rehabilitation process.


IRL and Epichem Pty Ltd combine strengths in Australasian alliance

CRI IRL and Epichem Pty Ltd have announced a strategic alliance designed to provide clients with continuous and seamless services from drug discovery to cGMP production.


Drinking water


Study into NZ'ers pandemic flu immunity


Collaboration boost for nutraceutical development

IRL has signed a $300,000 agreement with Nutriventures Ltd, the major shareholder of Nelson-based Nutrizeal to jointly develop world-leading nutraceutical products.


ESR responding to swine flu

ESR is providing a comprehensive laboratory and surveillance response to the swine flu outbreak.


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