Science New Zealand board

The Board members are the chief executives of the Crown Research Institutes. A Chair and Deputy Chair are elected at the Annual General Meeting in August for a two-year term. The Board meets every second month.

The Board:

  • Provides a forum for chief executives to discuss issues, share views and agree actions.
  • Sets the strategic direction and policies for Science New Zealand.
  • Gives direction to and receives reports from pan-member groups which have specific focus areas.
  • Meets with groups and individuals with interests in areas relevant to Science New Zealand's work.

 Board members:


    John Morgan

    Science New Zealand Chair


    Chief Executive since April 2007.  Chair of Science New Zealand from February 2020. John has extensive executive and governance experience in public and private sector organisations across a range of markets and activities including business, science, education and sport.  John is a graduate of Macquarie University's Strategic Marketing Programme and the Executive Leadership Programme from INSEAD, France. 

  • Ian Simpson GNS Science 200 x 200 head and shoulders v2

    Ian Simpson

    Science New Zealand Deputy Chair

    GNS Science

    Chief Executive since January 2017. Ian spent seven years as the head of the Earthquake Commission (EQC). After holding corporate finance roles, Ian emigrated from Britain in 2006 as GM of Finance at ACC. He has a BSc (Mathematics) from Manchester University and a MBA from INSEAD University, France.

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    Richard Gordon

    Manaaki Whenua

    Chief Executive since 2011. Richard was previously Manaaki Whenua’s Science General Manager for Environment and Society for five years. Richard holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and a Doctorate in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

  • julian elder

    Julian Elder


    Chief Executive since March 2017. Julian has held leadership roles in civil infrastructure including renewables, telecommunications, energy, and water. He was the WEL Networks CEO from 2007-2014. He holds a PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Auckland University.

  • david hughes

    David Hughes

    Plant & Food Research

    Chief Executive since February 2018. David was Group GM Commercial of Plant & Food Research from 2009 and has led many business development and innovation teams in the food sector. He holds a BTech (Manufacturing, 1st class honours), and an Applied Stats Postgrad diploma from Massey University.

  • Sue Bidrose AgR

    Sue Bidrose


    Chief Executive since July 2020. Sue started her working life as a laboratory technician for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries,.working in metabolic diseases of dairy cattle. Sue has since worked in the community sector and in central government in research, policy and operational leadership roles.  Most recently, in local government, she was CEO of Dunedin City Council. Sue holds a PhD in Psychology (Otago).

  • Peter Lennox

    Peter Lennox


    Chief Executive since August 2020. Peter brings a blend of commercial and scientific disciplines gained from many years in the global biotechnology and meteorology sectors. This includes roles as director of biotechnology networks for Scotland’s national economic development agency; Director for Industry New Zealand’s biotechnology sector; and CEO of MetService and its international subsidiary Metraweather.  He has post-graduate degrees in biochemistry and biological sciences from Queen's University (Belfast) and Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh), as well as an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Glasgow University, and has studied at the London Business School.

  • Anthony Scott Science NZ 200 x 200

    Anthony Scott

    Science New Zealand Chief Executive

    Chief Executive since 2001. Anthony has worked with public and private organisations, central and local government, and not-for-profits in the UK and New Zealand in strategy, policy and communications.