Joint graduate schools and programmes enable CRIs and universities to share supervision of research, increase employment opportunities for students, and to access research and facilities.

Crown Research Institute staff engagement with universities

There are extensive interactions, cross-institution appointments and working relationships between Crown Research Institute staff and tertiary institutions. The cross-fertilisation of knowledge, skills, and expertise is an important part of the New Zealand science system. 

Joint graduate teaching schools and programmes

CRIs contribute expertise in specialist areas, working in partnership with universities to provide graduate teaching schools and programmes.

CRI School University
AgResearch Joint Graduate School in Dairy Research and Innovation Auckland
  Joint Facility for Learning and Research


(Hub including Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, Plant & Food Research, and DairyNZ)

  Food Science Facility Massey
ESR Joint Graduate School in Forensic Science Auckland
GNS Science Joint Centre for Disaster Research Massey
  Petroleum geoscience MSc  Victoria
Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research Joint Graduate School in Biodiversity and Biosecurity Auckland
NIWA Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science Auckland
  Aquaculture and Marine Ecology Canterbury
  Research Centre for Oceanography Otago
  Climatic and Atmospheric Research Victoria
  Joint Institute for Freshwater Management (Te Waiora) Waikato
Plant & Food Research Joint Graduate School in Plant and Food Science Auckland
  Joint Graduate School in Horticulture and Food Enterprise Massey
  Joint Graduate School in Plant Chemistry and Biochemistry Otago
Scion School of Forestry Canterbury


Crown Research Institute scholarships and internships

Science New Zealand members supervise many Master's and PhD students under different scholarships and internships to help the development of New Zealand science capability. All CRIs and Callaghan Innovation offer scholarships, internships and summer schools. Details can be found on their websites.